Meet Quentin Wong, one of SPCA’s longest serving youth volunteers who goes above and beyond to help animals!

Tell us your name, age and one fun fact!
My name is Quentin Wong. I am 15 years old and I love alpine skiing.

Who inspired your love for animals and welfare?
There are many animal lovers in my family. My grandfather has a very kind heart and has always instilled in us the notion that all lives are precious, including animals. I think my mother is an animal whisperer as she grew up with so many animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles and chickens. She even wanted to be a vet! Growing up, I have seen them save many animals such as injured birds, nursing them to health and releasing them. They are also very vocal about animal rights.

What’s your favourite animal? And why?
Monkeys because they are cute and intelligent and have human-like features. Monkeys have strong family bonds and they take care of each other. I enjoy watching all their antics.

Do you have a pet? What is your favourite thing about your pet?
I have a Jack Russell terrier called Pan Pan. He is very cute, has panda-like eyes and has a great personality. He waits faithfully for me to come home from school and no matter what, he is always happy to see me. He loves it when I give him belly rubs.

What inspired you to help the SPCA?
When my dog Toro died in a road accident, I felt very sad because he was only one and a half years old. He had a real zest for life, was highly intelligent, loving and very protective of me. I wanted to remember him forever and I thought it would be meaningful to help raise funds in his name for the new community clinic that the SPCA was building then to help underprivileged and homeless dogs.

Why should more people care for animals?
Animals are sentient living creatures that can feel love and emotion, just like us. They are helpless without humans around, as they need shelter, food and veterinary care. Animals are a wonderful part of the ecosystem and they can bring us much laughter and joy. We keep pets because they bring so much love to the home.

What is the one thing you would want to tell others about caring for animals?
Be kind to animals and treat them with the same respect and dignity as you would a human being.

Do you have a favourite animal related to a book or movie?
Lion King as I love Simba’s character.

What is the one animal welfare issue that has to be taken more seriously?
Animal trafficking. Animal trafficking is when endangered species of animals are smuggled around the globe and traded for money. Some may even be poached for their body parts, which may lead to an eventual extinction of the species. More awareness needs to be raised about trafficking and we can do our part to speak up about these issues no matter how old or young we are.