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Educational Tours at SPCA

Educational Tours at SPCA

Embark on a meaningful journey of education and compassion. Sign up your school today and be part of the SPCA mission to create a brighter future for animals in need!

Here’s the schedule:

Join us for an engaging and informative 1.5-hour educational visit at the SPCA. Our programme includes

Educational Talk:
Gain insights into our essential services, our impact in handling cruelty cases, our animal care work, and discover ways to lend a helping paw to the animals in our shelter.

Shelter visit:
Visit our shelter animals! Learn about their behaviour, fostering empathy, and gain valuable skills on how to safely interact with our furry friends.

Shop with a Purpose:
Delve into our merchandise shop, where every purchase contributes directly to supporting the animals in our shelter. Make a difference while acquiring quality SPCA merchandise.

30 minutes:

    • Talk about the SPCA and how the attendees can help the animals.

    1 hour:

      • Lots of love and cuddles with animals in the adoption shelter (interaction with animals).
      • Get to know the SPCA premises.
      • Shop at the Merchandise Shop.

      For Pre-School Bookings:
      Please write directly to [email protected] who is our Education Manager.

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      Please Note:
      1. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the SPCA confirms your registration.
      2. The SPCA reserves the right to turn down any group that does not adhere to the maximum pax stated.
      3. The SPCA reserves the right to cancel the education tour in the case.
      4. For cancellation of the education tour, please notify us 48 hours prior to the tour.
      5. Please remind the attendees to be on their best behaviour throughout their time at the SPCA as we are dealing with animals. Rowdy behaviour and screams will stress the animals. It would also be greatly appreciated if teachers, parent volunteers, and organisers help us during the visit (e.g. during the interaction with the animals and to ensure discipline among the attendees).
      6. Please note that if any attendee misbehaves, we will have to end the visit. I hope you understand that the welfare of the animals is of the highest priority.