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Illegal Backyard Breeders

There has been a rise in illegal breeders (backyard breeders) selling companion animals through online platforms such as Facebook Groups and Telegram. Most of these posts are listed as “adoptions” that come with “fees”, but are often found to be unlicensed and unethical.

We would like to gather information whether the backyard breeders are providing proper nutrition for the animals, providing them with regular veterinarian check-ups, and offering them enough space for activities and exercise.

The ultimate goal of this would be to discover the most effective strategies for curbing the prevalence of illegal breeders, as well as to understand the pros and cons of different enforcement methods.

Finally, educational materials could be created and distributed to raise public awareness and knowledge on the issue of illegal backyard breeders as well as to inform individuals of the existing regulations and animal welfare legislation in Singapore.

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