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Feline Friday Programme

Feline Friday Programme

Are you ready to welcome a furry feline friend into your home? We’re excited to announce our new programme, SPCA Feline Friday! You can now walk in every last Friday of the month to bring your #forevermeow home!

On the last Friday of every month, you can visit our shelter between 11am-3pm to adopt a cat and give them the loving home they deserve. We will only be accepting adopters whose homes are fully equipped with all the basic necessities such as food, litter boxes, toys, and beds, along with a fully meshed house. Those without a fully prepared home will be turned away.

*This programme is strictly for CATS ONLY, and the adoption screening and processes still apply.

What if our meshing is not completed?
Full meshing of your home is compulsory if you live on the second floor and above. You will need to show our staff proof of meshing (pictures and videos of your home with the mesh), before you enter the cat adoption centre. If your meshing is not completed, we seek your kind assistance in making an appointment at instead.
Why is meshing compulsory?

The SPCA sees at least 5 to 8 cases of cats falling from height each week. Many of the cats suffer from serious injuries, and some unfortunately pass on upon impact or succumb to their injuries. These are just the cases attended by the SPCA, and the real number of cats falling from height may be much higher.


Meshing keeps your adopted cat indoors, keeps them safe and prevents them from falling from height.

What are SPCA’s meshing requirements?

The gaps must be smaller than 1.5”. Magnetic mesh are not accepted as they are not as secure as other forms of meshes and may fall off over time or upon impact.

Can I simply drop in to visit or have a tour around the adoption centre?

Please make an appointment at if you would like to visit. As there are a limited number of adoption appointment slots, we urge visitors who are not looking to adopt to drop by during our monthly walk-in adoption drives instead of making an appointment as it will open the slot up to someone who is interested in adopting.


This helps to reduce the length of stay of animals in our adoption centre, freeing up space so that we can rescue more animals.


You may walk-in during our monthly walk-in adoption drives typically held on the second Saturday of each month between 11am to 3pm.

Can I look at the dogs that are up for adoption at the same time?

The walk-in adoption is only for our cats. Potential adopters will not be able to view the dogs that are up for adoption. Please make an appointment at if you would like to view and potentially adopt a dog.