First Pet Health Screening at Marsiling

First Pet Health Screening at Marsiling

At SPCA Singapore, we are constantly striving to support the changing needs of our community. With the rising costs of living, more pet guardians have faced financial challenges in providing for their furry companions.

Exacerbated by the rising cost of veterinary care, many pet guardians with financial challenges may find it even more challenging to seek veterinary care for their pets. However, veterinary care is essential in caring for our pets responsibly. Regular health checks can help detect potential health issues early on, allowing pet guardians to seek treatment early on hence, helping them avoid hefty veterinary bills in the future.  

As such, we launched our new initiative aimed at helping pet guardians on financial assistance receive free preventive health screenings for their furry companions. We believe that every pet deserves access to veterinary care, regardless of the financial circumstances of their guardians. 

The preventive health screenings include physical examinations, monthly preventives, vaccinations, microchipping and blood tests as recommended by our vets. For those who require additional check-ups, appointments will be arranged at the SPCA’s highly subsidised Community Animal Clinic.

Our first free pet health screening took place on 13 May 2023 at Marsiling. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our volunteer vets, Dr Boon Han, Dr Denyse and Dr Zi Yang, and staff, we were able to extend our support and services to 77 cats, 25 dogs, four rabbits, three hamsters and one chinchilla. 

We are also touched by the resilience shown by pet owners facing financial difficulties, who are committed to continue caring for their pets despite their challenges. 

One such guardian is Mdm Rydian who opens her home to multiple rescue cats. Despite her own financial difficulties, she prioritises the well-being of her feline companions. Our vets found all the cats to be in good health, a testament to Mdm Rydian’s dedication and responsible care to her pets. It is through the kindness and determination of individuals like Mdm Rydian that we can create a more compassionate and inclusive society for all animals.

We hope that by making veterinary care accessible, we can eliminate the heartbreaking instances of pets being abandoned due to the inability to afford essential medical care. Access to veterinary care and freedom from pain, injury, or disease are fundamental rights that every animal deserves.

Through our new roving initiative, we aim to bring veterinary care closer to those who need it the most, improving the overall welfare of pets and strengthening the bond between pets and their guardians. 

If you would like to support this initiative, please consider making a donation at and specify “health screenings” in the remarks section. Your generosity will help us continue to support pet guardians like Mdm Rydian and make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.