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Volunteer PDPA Policies and Guidelines

Personal Data Protection Policies and Guidelines for Volunteers

As a volunteer of the SPCA, you play an integral role in supporting our mission to protect and care for animals. In carrying out your volunteer responsibilities, you may come into contact with personal data of our clients, donors, or individuals involved in our activities. It is of utmost importance that we handle this personal data with the highest level of care, ensuring its privacy and security. This document outlines our Personal Data Protection Policies and Guidelines, which serve as a framework for you to understand your responsibilities and obligations regarding personal data protection. By signing this document, you acknowledge your understanding of these policies and your commitment to upholding them in your volunteer activities.

Thank you for your dedication to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of personal data entrusted to us.

Data Protection and Confidentiality
  • Volunteers are required to handle personal data with utmost care, maintaining its confidentiality and ensuring its protection from unauthorized access, disclosure, or use.
  • Personal data should only be accessed and used for official purposes related to SPCA’s activities, and volunteers must not share or disclose personal data to unauthorized individuals or third parties.

Consent and Purpose Limitation
  • Volunteers must obtain clear and informed consent from individuals before collecting, using, or disclosing their personal data.
  • Personal data should only be used for the purposes for which consent was obtained, and any additional use should be with the individual’s further consent or as permitted by law.

Data Accuracy and Retention
  • Volunteers should ensure that personal data collected and maintained is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • Unnecessary retention of personal data should be avoided, and records should be regularly reviewed to determine whether data should be updated, corrected, or deleted.

Security Measures
  • Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the security of personal data they handle.
  • Personal data should be stored securely, both physically and electronically, with appropriate measures in place to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or misuse.
  • Volunteers should adhere to SPCA’s guidelines on password protection, encryption, and physical security of personal data.

Individual Rights and Complaints
  • Volunteers should respect individuals’ rights regarding their personal data.
  • If an individual requests access, correction, or withdrawal of consent for the use of their personal data, volunteers should promptly follow SPCA’s procedures for handling such requests.
  • Volunteers should escalate any privacy-related complaints or concerns to the designated point of contact or the Data Protection Officer.

By adhering to these policies, volunteers contribute to SPCA’s commitment to protecting the privacy and personal data of individuals associated with the organization. Failure to comply with these policies may result in disciplinary action, including termination of volunteer services.

Thank you for your dedication and adherence to these important data protection policies.