Meet Phoebe Liau, our youth volunteer who is passionate about animal welfare!

Why did you choose to become a Youth Ambassador?
Because I love animals, especially cats and dogs. Being a volunteer gives me the chance to interact with these cute animals and to help these rescued animals to have a better chance of adoption.

What are some of the topics you are most passionate about as a Youth Ambassador? And how do you hope to educate others about that?
I am passionate about caring for community cats. I want others to know that community cats need help from all of us, they need clean food and water, as well as shelter. Please do not take away their shelter box in the void decks and leave them in the community. Many of them are very cute and friendly. 

What are some of your contributions as a Youth Ambassador?
I read books to help rehabilitate dogs and help to prepare treats for the cats and dogs in shelters. 

In view of the rise in animal abuse cases among youths, how do you feel about it and what do you hope to do about it?
I felt angry when I saw the video of the boy throwing the black cat over the high floor :(. I hope to let children and youth know that even a stray animal’s life is very precious and we should value every single one of them. 

What messages do you hope to convey and educate?
Do not abuse and abandon animals. Their lives are as precious as yours and mine!