Name: Tequila
Gender: Female
Breed: Cross-Breed
Colour: White brown
Age: 1 year (as of Dec 2023)

HDB Approved (Under ADORE)

The hooman says:

Imagine meeting Tequila, a spirited little soul stepping cautiously yet curiously through life’s adventures. Despite her hesitation around new faces, her heart lights up during doggy playtime and mealtime bliss, all while bravely mastering the art of walking on a leash. Get ready for a heartwarming journey marked by tiny triumphs and overwhelming joy as you witness Tequila’s courage blossoming.

As someone considering adopting Tequila, your patience and compassion will mean the world. Tequila thrives in a tranquil setting, needing time and positive interactions to build her trust. Even though everyday objects might startle her, the beauty lies in witnessing her fearless spirit conquering these fears, one step at a time.

Are you an experienced pet parent ready to be Tequila’s guiding star? Join us on this transformative path with gentle trainers and, if possible, a furry companion by her side.

Multiple interaction sessions at the SPCA are an essential part of her adoption process. They are precious opportunities for Tequila to get to know her future family. These interactions are like building blocks, creating a strong foundation for her new adventure with you. Together, let’s nurture her bravery and rejoice in every milestone!

Please note that we strongly recommend adopters to engage trainers who advocate and practice non-aversive training methods.

🐾 Please email [email protected], subject title “Adopt Tequila” to set an appointment to meet me!