Name: Snowflake
Gender: Female
Breed: Local
Colour: Tabby brown
Age: 2 months old (as of Nov 2023)

Snowflake’s fosterer says:

Great things come in small packages, so here’s Snowflake to give a tiny boost to your day! She was rescued at 6 weeks old and found to have possible trauma to her lower spinal nerve. While there are no fractures, she is unable to use her hind legs well. This could be a lifelong condition. Snowflake has her ups and downs across the day. We have seen her run, jump, climb, and play for short periods, then drag herself around using her front legs for the rest of the day. She may also have brief spasms and cry out in the middle of the night (cause unknown). Snowflake is litterbox trained, although she may not make it there in time despite her best efforts. Her new family will need to be patient in cleaning up any mess and may find it helpful to lay pee pads around. For her safety, she currently stays in a toddler-sized playpen at her fosterer’s home when unsupervised.

If you’re seeking a companion who will adore you as much as you love her, Snowflake may just be the one for you. She takes comfort in spending time and sleeping with her pawrent. If there is a gap between you and her on the bed, she will crawl/scoot/roll over until she is lying against you. Only then will her purrs (surprisingly loud for a little girl!) subside into gentle snores.

To ensure their safety and welfare, interested parties are required to fully mesh their windows to prevent the likelihood of “high rise syndrome”. This happens when cats get gravely injured or lose their lives after a fall from height.

🐾 She is currently living with her fosterer, and if you are interested kindly email to [email protected] with the subject title “Adopt Snowflake” to enquire more 🙂