Name: Danny
Sex: Male, Sterilised
Breed: Singapore Special
Age: 1year 6months (as of Oct 2023)

HDB Approved (Under PROJECT ADORE) – Please note that having window grilles is a mandatory requirement for PROJECT ADORE.

🐾 Note: I am still with AVS and not at SPCA.

Danny says: I enjoy the company of familiar people and dogs. My favourite past-time is playing with soft toys as this helps me relax.

I am intelligent and food-motivated, so learning new behaviours should be easy for me. However, I do stop taking treats when I feel anxious. Timid at first, I warm up fairly quickly if a stranger sits still and offers me treats!

I am grass-trained, so please bring me for walks twice a day. I enjoy sniffing during walks and will treasure the opportunity to explore as long as it is safe to do so.

I may guard my toys and food at times. Please give me space if I show signs of discomfort with other dogs or people being near my toys or food.

I also have a phobia of thunder and appreciate comfortable hiding spots such as my crate during bad weather.

I am most suited for a patient and understanding family that will help me work through my fears and build up my confidence around unfamiliar people and environments.

🐾 Interested to meet me? Drop an email to [email protected] with subject title “Adopt Danny” today!