Ah Boy

Name: Ah Boy
Gender: Male
Breed: Cross-Breed
Colour: Beige
Age: 6 years 1 month (as of Dec 2022)

Not HDB Approved

Ah Boy (aka Bobby) was a loving dog to his first foster pawrent. He would sit quietly by her side while she had her meals, read the newspaper, or watched TV. He knew he was not allowed in the bedroom or kitchen while she was cooking, and would sit by the door and observe her doing her work. When she left the house, he would sit or lie down calmly at the main door. He can be left at home alone and would greet his foster pawrents enthusiastically when they returned.

Ah Boy is a good indoor dog and does not dirty the house or chew on furniture. He looks forward to his walks 3 times a day, sniffing and exploring his surroundings with gusto, and will relieve himself only on grass. He is comfortable with a regular routine and would prompt his foster pawrent when it was time for his meals or walks. He enjoys going for outings to the park and will climb into the car by himself. While in the backseat of the car, he will either sit or lie down quietly without fuss.

Ah Boy can be wary of strangers and will bark at people if they make sudden movements. Otherwise, he will stand quietly while being petted. He has gone to pet-friendly cafes or coffee shops and would sit beside his foster pawrents while they had their meals.

Ah Boy’s only challenge is that he is reactive towards other dogs although he plays well with his SPCA shelter mate, Keiji. His adopters will have to continue his training on not being reactive towards unfamiliar dogs.

Ah Boy is a big, energetic, and intelligent dog who will thrive with a family that has time to take him for walks and is firm enough to manage his reactiveness should the need arise. In return, the family will derive much joy from his devotion.

🐾 Ah Boy is currently with his fosterer and not at the SPCA. If you are interested in adopting him, please email [email protected] with ‘Adopt Ah Boy’ as the email subject.