Gender: Male
Breed: X Breed
Colour: Brown
Age: 5 years old
Not HDB Approved

We’re a family of 2 adults and a 5yr old boy and live in a landed house. We have been fostering Tye for just over a month. The SPCA estimates that he’s about 5 years old and has spent approximately 3 of those years at the shelter.

He’s independent and smart, and has quickly learned our house rules. We don’t let him come upstairs or jump on the sofa, and at night he sleeps in the kitchen (I think his preference would be to sleep with his family). During the day he likes to be around you and follows you around the house. He’s food-motivated but he’s not been one to beg at the dinner table.

Tye has access to our garden and the ground floor of our house. At the moment he’s terrified of going out of the house compounds and would run away from us at the sight of a leash, but in the time we’ve had him he is slowly getting used to wearing a leash and has made it out the house on a few occasions. His new family will need to be patient and spend some time building up his confidence and eventually teaching him to walk.

Tye was initially terrified of our 5 year old, but he has come to ‘tolerate’ our son’s eagerness to play. We don’t have any other pets in our household so cannot judge how he would react with other animals.

He came to us with a few tricks up his sleeve and can sit, lie down, stay and come. From the day he arrived, he has done his business outside the house.

Overall, Tye has a lovely personality and he’s quite a low maintenance dog. He’s fit and healthy (no medical health issues) and in time we think he would really enjoy walks. He enjoys human company and would make a fantastic companion for anyone that is willing to build up his confidence. For a dog that has spent a lot of time in the shelter, it would be great if he could find a home with access to a yard.

Tye takes some time to warm up to new faces hence, multiple visits might be required before Tye warms up to you.

Please note that the featured animal is at the fosterer’s home. If you are interested to know Tye, kindly contact the fosterer at starzmarie@yahoo.com