Gender: Male
Breed: Japanese Spitz
Colour: White
Age: 13 years old
HDB Approved

When Shinju was rescued in September 2020, he was found to have skin and ear issues, which have been treated. He also had several skin tags, which are common in older animals and unlikely to turn cancerous.

A dental exam found that he had a build-up of dental plaque on his teeth, which can be easily removed with a scale and polish under general anaesthesia.

Shinju also has arthritis, which is a very common condition in geriatric animals. This degenerative joint disease can be managed easily with joint supplements, and Shinju still enjoys his daily walks.

Despite this, Shinju is active and eating and drinking well. He is a calm and friendly boy who gets along well with people. Hence, we are looking for an adopter to provide Shinju with a loving home to enjoy his remaining years.