Gender: Male
Breed: Campbell Russian
Color: Beige
Age: 6 months old

Saturn is a super big and chonk boy. But don’t be fooled by his size! He is a big friendly baby and stays nicely when being carried. He enjoys napping in his hideouts and rolling on the sand. It’s good to provide him with a bigger sand bath as he tends to pee in the sand as well, which is a very normal behaviour for hamsters. Avoid feeding Saturn diets that are high in fat, such as sunflower seeds.

It is important to provide unscented sand and paper bedding for your hamster. Pine wood and cedar bedding should be avoided as they are toxic and dangerous.

The running wheels should be 21cm big and has a smooth surface.

Sprays and enrichment toys are important as they keep your hamster happy and encourages natural behavior like foraging.