Rehoming Noticeboard

This page is for personal adoption notices by caregivers who require new families for their pets. We are only providing the service of uploading the notices. Please liaise directly with the contact person listed if you wish to adopt an animal.

Animals for sale are strictly prohibited. If you feel that a rehomer may be misrepresenting themselves, please contact us here. If you are trying to find a loving home for your companion(s), please fill in the form below under ‘Rehome A Pet’.

Each user is permitted only one rehoming notice per month. Should you have more than one animal, please combine the pictures and information together in the same format.

Questions For Pet Guardians To Ask Potential Adopters

  • Are you aware of and prepared to assume the financial and physical responsibilities of caring for this animal? Including but not limited to: vaccinations, regular veterinary care and check-ups, appropriate quality food, time and attention.
  • Is everyone in the household agreeable to adopting this animal?
  • Have you had any pets before?
  • What happened to your previous pet(s)?
  • Do you currently have any pets? What are they?
  • Are you aware of the need and prepared to introduce the animals gradually?
  • What will you do if they do not get along?
  • What preparations have you made for the animal? For example, where will it sleep, what foods have you bought, etc?
  • What type of property do you live in?
  • Do you have children at home?
  • Who will be the primary caregiver of the animal?
  • Will there be someone at home during the day? If not, how many hours will the animal be left alone?
  • Are you planning to move in the near future? If yes, are you prepared to bring the animal with you?
  • What will you do if someone in the family develops an allergy?

For cats

  • Will you be keeping the cat indoors?
  • How will you ensure it does not roam?
  • Are you aware of the average life-span of a cat (up to 20 years) and are you prepared to give it a home for the rest of its life?

For dogs

  • Why are you adopting a dog?
  • Are you prepared to train the dog?
  • Is your home suitably prepared for the dog (fencing adequate, etc)?
  • Are you aware of the average life-span of a dog (10-15 years) and are you prepared to give it a home for the rest of its life?

I Want To Rehome My Pet

We understand challenging circumstances could pressure owners to rehome their pets and it’s never an easy process. If there is something we can do to help retain the animal in your home, let us know e.g. if your concern is related to pet behaviour/training.

Due to SPCA’s limited space and resources as a non-governmental charity, we recommend members of the public to first reach out to family and friends for help. You could post an adoption notice on social media and forums or other welfare groups for help.

If that does not work, you may complete the online form below.

Try not to give up on the process of finding the animal a good home as it may take some time. We wish you all the best with the rehoming process.


    Your Information

    Type of animal

    Breed of animal

    Name of animal

    Age of animal

    Colour of animal

    Gender of animal

    Has the animal been trained?* YesNo
    If yes, please indicate:

    Has the animal been microchipped?* YesNo
    If yes, please indicate clinic:  
    Has the animal been sterilised?* YesNo

    Please attach clear photos/videos of the animal(s):
    Note: Good photographs significantly increase their chances of being adopted. For multiple animals, please submit a photograph with all the animals together.

    Medical history:

    Animal's personality (likes, dislikes, quirks, etc.):

    Your reasons for rehoming the animal/others:

    I Want To Remove My Listing

    If your pet has already found a good home, please email [email protected] to remove the listing.

    Calico, Tabby & Tabby (Domestic shorthair)
    Fairy Hitam (Domestic shorthair)
    Ginger & Tabby (Domestic shorthair)
    Tiger & Sugar (Domestic shorthair)
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