Toffee (Singapore Special)

Toffee (Singapore Special)

Date: 06 April 2021
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Toffee
Gender: Male
Color: Brown
Breed: Singapore Special
Age: 6 years 5 months old
Training: Yes, Basic obedience-trained, Basic commands.
Microchip: Yes
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History:
Generally, he has his yearly vaccinations and also pretty healthy. Did blood medical check up recently and all good. He had Ear hematomas 2 years ago and went through surgery. That is why one of his ears is always down.
Likes food, knows basic commands like sit, hand hand and down.

He doesn’t like to go grooming. He gets aggressive at groomer. He will growl at the groomer. And so I cannot bring him to any groomer.

So his nails are long. My helper will try to trim his nails but still think it’s long. That is why he has to wear socks. To avoid scratching himself with his long nails.

He is very sweet and tame towards kids. Because I teach tuition at home and kids always come to my house. He will only bark when peopke at the door but after that, he will stop. The kids will play with the dog before lesson.

But he is not toilet trained and so I have to have a helper to bring him downstairs twice a day, morning and night for his pee and poo.

He eats twice a day, morning and night.
I feed him kibbles in the morning. Rice + fish at night.

His skin is not very good. Not sure why but he always scratch himself. Guess he is too bored at home. So I changed his food from chicken kibbles to fish kibbles.

He is allergic to lamb kibbles – previously feed him lamb kibbles and he always vomit. So we never feed him lamb anymore.

Contact: Tan Sue Yee, 93378268, [email protected]