WITH LOVE FROM AT, TGN AND PSC (25 December 2017 – 24 December 2021)

Gender: Male
Breed: Singapore Special (Cross Breed)
Colour: Gold
Age: 8 yrs 7 mths
Not HDB Approved

Pancake’s Fosterer:

“Pancake is a well mannered, obedient, and loving boy who never fails to welcome you home with his affectionate rubs and wagging tail. When out on walks, he is friendly towards other dogs and humans.

Being a loyal and protective boy, he may bark when strangers try to enter the house without a proper introduction. But once he gets to know you, he is a sweetie pie who will always do his best to please and love you.

Pancake has some form of food and environmental allergy. However, with proper medical attention and care, his skin condition is under control.
This big boy dislikes enclosed places. As such, taking a lift is not something he enjoys. Until he overcomes his fear with positive reinforcement training, he would do well in a home with easy access to the ground floor or a family who loves stairs climbing as exercise.”