Message from sponsors: Stay healthy & happy Nick! Luv, Nadia (12 December 2020 to 11 June 2021)

Gender: Male
Breed: Singapore Special (Cross Breed)
Colour: Brown / Tan
Age: 7 yrs 3 mths
Not HDB Approved

Nick is a fearful and unsure pup who is still trying to explore the big big world. He gets easily spooked out by bicycles, scooters, and strollers. He is also very noise-sensitive.

Although he has many fears, he is the sweetest boy to the people he knows. He loves human companion, and just being close to wherever his humans are. He loves food too, and is always eager to learn. Give him some time to know you, and you will be charmed by his goofy doggy smile and cheerful disposition!

Nick would best suit an experienced family staying in a quiet estate, with no other dogs and children. It will be great if you can help Nick with his insecurities.

Will you be the one to guide Nick on this journey to learn that the world is not a scary place?