We Love You Max! – Jacinta Lourdes (8 September 2020 – 7 March 2021)

Gender: Male
Breed: X-Breed
Colour: Black / Tan
Age: 6 yrs 1 mth
HDB Approved Under Project ADORE

Those staying in HDB homes who wish to adopt Max will have to pay $250 compulsory training fee required under Project ADORE in addition to the adoption fee.

Max’s fosterer: “Max is a friend for life and a good companion. He will stay by your side wherever you are, be it in the kitchen, room, or outside taking a stroll. Max will never lose sight of you.

He is very obedient. He does not explore your kitchen countertop or dig the rubbish bin. He will not disturb you when you are having your meal. He is a curious boy and keen to explore anything introduced to him. He is not brave, but he follows the instruction from someone he trusts. He is a quick learner, and he knows simple commands, including “sit”, “down”, “paw”, “touch”, “come”, “night” for sleeping time.

He is a friendly dog, sociable with other dogs and he does not react to any cats. He is food motivated and enjoys enrichment and mental stimulation toys. However, he may give up quickly if it is too difficult. You need to guide him along. Both of you will enjoy the bonding process. He loves sweet potato, pumpkin, egg and treats. Fruits are his least favourite.

He will pee and poo outside the house. Do remember to bring him out at least twice a day. He is energetic, enjoys a long walk and likes to explore areas around the neighbourhood. He walks an average of 1.5 hours daily regardless of rain or shine. He will take his nap after his walk. At night, he will go into his crate automatically for his bedtime.

Max gets aroused easily and may nip or hump when he gets excited. He barks when he hears other dogs bark or any strange sound. You need to be calm and let him know you do not like his behaviour when he gets aroused. He is afraid of thunder and loud noise when he is out. Do prepare to help him improve his behaviour.

Overall, he is a sweet and lovely boy who likes human companion.”

Please note that the featured animal is at the fosterer’s home. To view, kindly contact the fosterer at [email protected]

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