Gender: Male
Breed: Campbell Russian
Color: Beige
Age: 6 months old

Mars is a adventurous and curious little boy! He enjoys exploring his surroundings, although he may be slightly shy with humans. He enjoys eating (who doesn’t!) and snacking on his sprays. He also enjoys running in his wheels and rolling in the sand. Handfeeding him may help him to warm up quickly to you. Do provide him with lots of enrichments and create a safe play pen area for him to roam around, and he will be the happiest boy!

It is important to provide unscented sand and paper bedding for your hamster. Pine wood and cedar bedding should be avoided as they are toxic and dangerous.

The running wheels should be 21cm big and has a smooth surface.

Sprays and enrichment toys are important as they keep your hamster happy and encourages natural behavior like foraging.