Message from Sponsor: Hope you find a happy home soon, from your cousin Sayang. (27 January 2021 to 26 May 2021)

Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Tabby
Age: 8 mths

Mackie is a friendly and playful baby who just loves attention from his humans! He enjoys being carried and cuddled but is also content just to be in the same space as you. If you hear a constant rumbling nearby, you can be certain that it’s him purring in contentment… and he just can’t stop purring!

He is very active and engaged, and his favourite pastime involves pouncing on anything that crinkles. He’s always hot on the chase of a stray plastic bag or ball of newspaper! His favourite toy so far is a chaser, but he has recently discovered (and loves) ice cubes! He is very quick on his feet and loves zooming around in his Motorcycle Mackie mode. He is also very brave and inquisitive, and loves to explore his surroundings!

It might take him some time to get used to another cat in the household, but he has been observed to enjoy hanging out with other feline friends! He warms up to people really quickly though – to him, fun is of utmost importance and everything else is secondary.

With Mackie, the love you give will be as much as you receive from him. He will shower you with lots of affection and love, and will bring you much laughter with his silly ways. He is really looking forward to meeting you and finding his perfect furever home.