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Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Tabby white
Age: 8 years

Josiah is a relaxed and affectionate cat that can be rather loud at times. He enjoys lying on top of people or resting his head on someone’s lap.

However, he hates being picked up and getting his nails trimmed. He loves to sit by the front door and listen to the birds.

He sometimes likes to hide underneath the table or inside the cupboard. He can open cupboard doors, and such so, do be wary.

He likes to chase laser pointers and hair ties. His meows can be very loud and there are times he’ll meow in the wee hours of the morning.

He does like to jump up on stuff so a cat tower might be good for him.

He is geenrally an easy-going cat that likes to laze around but also occasionally likes to wander around as well. He is litter trained and is on a dry food diet.

Josiah would suit any adopter willing to provide him with a dry food diet, toys to play with, room(s) to wander around, someone that can deal with a loud cat, and companionship.

Please note that the featured animal is at the fosterer’s home. To view, kindly contact the fosterer at [email protected].