In Memory of Frank Newman, SPCA Life Member

In Memory of Frank Newman, SPCA Life Member

Frank Newman was a loyal supporter of the SPCA, first joining as a Senior member in 1995, before becoming a Life member in 1996. Sadly, he passed away two years ago.

As any one of those members who met him at Annual General Meetings will testify to, foremost in Frank’s mind was a wish to bequeath funds to the SPCA, enabling it to continue its animal welfare work. The Society is now the recipient of a most generous legacy of $260,000 from Frank, which will be channelled towards SPCA’s critical services.    

Never one to shy away from voicing his opinion, Frank will be remembered for his fierce and passionate stance on animal welfare which was expressed many a time (in a respectful manner), whether on the Management Committee (where he served from 2007-2008) or at the many Annual General Meetings which he faithfully attended. To this end, it was equally important to him that SPCA’s donation and fundraising income and the Ravenscroft Fund were managed wisely and prudently.

SPCA is saddened to lose such a loyal friend, but Frank will be remembered as being a committed and forthright animal welfare advocate, an SPCA supporter who not only helped actively in reporting cases of animals in distress, but who also took a keen interest in SPCA’ s long term survival. 

Thank you dear Frank. RIP