Date: 24 July 2023

Animal Type: Cat

Animal Name: Solar

Gender: Female

Colour: Brown cream, chocopoint

Breed: Mixed (British Short-hair & Chocopoint Ragamuffin)

Age: 2 years old

Training: Toilet-trained, basic commands

Microchip: No

Sterilisation: No

Medical History:

Yearly vaccinated. Last vaccination dec 2022.

Things to note:
Broken canine teeth (both long tooth broken) as she’s always fighting with 1 of my male cat before he was sterilised. But still eat very well. Doesn’t affect her appetite in general.

Need to clean her ears and eyes daily as she tends to have dirt built up quite fast.

Not sterilised yet. Short thick coat cat so need to brush her maybe once every week to prevent her shedding too much around the house!

Personality: Generally ok with everything/humans. Likes to eat a lot so when she’s sick it’s obvious as she tend to not eat or eat lesser. Ok to carry for a short while, gets bored after awhile and will want to roam around instead. Quite manja when close with you.

Contact: Maryann, [email protected], 97920673

Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed
Colour: Brown cream, chocopoint
Age: 2 years old