Name: Snowy
Gender: Female
Breed: Netherlands Dwarf
Colour: White
Age: 5-5.5 year (as of Jun 2024)

For rabbit housing, we recommend a playpen of at least 180cm x 120m. Free roaming is ideal for litter-trained rabbits. Please ensure your house is rabbit-proofed, e.g. no exposed wires/cables.

A healthy diet comprises 80% hay, 10% vegetables, 5% pellets, and 5% treats. Hay should be made available at all times. It provides the necessary fibre for a healthy gut and well-ground teeth.

Rabbits do need grooming as well. On average, a short-fur rabbit should be brushed 2-3 times a week, and a long-fur rabbit should be brushed every 1-2 days. Wet baths are not recommended as the sudden change in body temperature can cause hypothermic shock. Powdered baths are not advisable either, as ingestion of perfumed powder can lead to stomach problems.

Inexperienced rabbit owners are encouraged to bring their rabbit to their preferred veterinary clinic or grooming centre to assist with nail trimming.

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