Name: Serenity
Gender: Female
Breed: Pomsky
Colour: Grey White
Age: 7 years 1 month (as of Jan 2023)

Not HDB Approved

? Serenity is currently with her fosterer and not at the SPCA. If you are interested in adopting her, please email [email protected] with ‘Adopt Serenity’ as the email subject.

Serenity says:
I was brought to the SPCA after someone found me wandering around looking weak. During the usual checkup, my vet discovered that I am blind in both eyes due to cataracts. While I might still be able to perceive the difference between light and darkness, I am more prone to accidents so my new family will need to supervise me closely when we go out. It’s good to keep my environment relatively constant to help me become familiar with the positioning of objects like furniture and walls. I’ll then be less likely to bump into them. Otherwise, I’m a healthy girl whose calm and friendly nature led to my guardians giving me my name!

Serenity’s fosterer says:
Serenity is a friendly, gentle, and quiet girl. She waits patiently for her pawrent to come home to give her scratches. Although she has difficulty seeing, she manages to navigate her way around the house by herself, and has no problem finding out that you are holding treats. Serenity is good on her leash and on walks. She might seem slow at first, but as she gets more familiar with her surroundings, she will start to walk at a comfortable pace. Serenity is a good girl during her baths as well. She will stay still patiently and let her pawrent clean her without fuss. During her time at home, she loves to stretch and roll around on the floor. When she wants attention, she will give you a gentle boop on your legs and smile at you. Serenity does not bark at guests but will gladly ask for scratches from them.

Please note that we strongly recommend adopters to engage trainers who advocate and practice non-aversive training methods.