Name: Randy
Sex: Male, Sterilised
Breed: Singapore Special
Age: 1year 6months (as of Oct 2023)

HDB Approved (Under PROJECT ADORE) – Please note that having window grilles is a mandatory requirement for PROJECT ADORE.

🐾 Note: I am still with AVS and not at SPCA.

Randy says: I am an affectionate and I love playing with familiar humans and dogs. I am food and toy-motivated, thus am easy to train. I look forward to walks and walk well with a harness and lead.

I tend to be cautious and uneasy when strangers approach me and I take a bit of time to grasp new concepts. Hence, I would appreciate your patience with me.

I do better in environments where there are other dogs around to boost my confidence. I may bark at strangers who come too close to me, but you can help me by showing me that they are not threats.

I am most suited for a patient and understanding  family that will help me work through my fears and build up my confidence around unfamiliar people and environments.

🐾 Interested to meet me? Drop an email to [email protected] with subject title “Adopt Randy” today!