Name: Palermo
Gender: Male
Breed: Cross-Breed
Colour: White Black
Age: 8 months (as of May 2023)

HDB Approved (Under ADORE)

The hooman says:

Palermo and his two siblings, were brought to the shelter as part of the TNRM program. Adjusting to the shelter environment and human care was initially intimidating for them as they were used to roaming freely. With consistent care, training, and socialization, Palermo has gradually become more comfortable with his caregivers.

His favorite parts of the day are playing with his doggy friends in the backyard and at mealtimes, as he is a big foodie. Palermo has shown great improvement in his leash training and is happily going out for walks now. He was initially afraid of being approached or touched by humans. To help him get comfortable, his meals are often hand-fed to associate human hands with a positive experience and to build a bond with his caregivers.

As a shy pup, he requires time and space to feel comfortable around people. Everyday objects that we take for granted, such as cars, bicycles, and elevators, may scare him as he has not been exposed to them before. Despite this, the process is highly rewarding as you can witness him growing braver.

When working with shy dogs, it is crucial to understand that progress may not always be linear and should be taken in small steps. For instance, while Palermo may feel at ease taking food from your hand today, he may withdraw from you the next day even if you offer him food. It’s important to be patient and accept that progress can be slow, and setbacks are normal.

Palermo is best suited for experienced owners who are willing to engage force-free trainers to work with him. It would be helpful if there is another dog friend at home too! Ongoing socialization and training are crucial for him, as he is a puppy currently undergoing his second fear period, which is equivalent to human adolescence (puberty).

Please note that we strongly recommend adopters to engage trainers who advocate and practice non-aversive training methods.

🐾 Please email [email protected], subject title “Adopt Palermo” to set an appointment to meet me!