Name: Leia
Sex: Female, Sterilised
Breed: Singapore Special
Age: 9months (as of Sep 2023)

HDB Approved (Under ADORE)

🐾 Note: I am still with AVS and not at SPCA.

Leia says:

I am an amiable, playful, and curious dog that warms up to new people and other dogs quickly. Intelligent and food-motivated, I am most enthusiastic when training and pick up new skills easily. Besides “sit”, “down” and “paw”, the latest in my training repertoire includes “high 10” and simple body conditioning exercises such as weight shifting on a raised platform. I also derive joy from playing with soft toys and any game that involves food. When I find an interesting toy, I can self-entertain for a long while. My easygoing personality and urge to explore mean I am open to trying new things.

I am still finding my confidence when going on walks, as I get spooked by strangers approaching and sudden loud noises. Currently, I am making great progress by walking with another familiar dog. I am also learning to enjoy riding inside a vehicle. I would do great in an active and committed household that can cater to my energy requirements and continue my learning journey through rewards-based training.

🐾 Interested to meet me? Drop an email to [email protected] today!