Eraine / Ginger / Jewel

Type: Cat
Name: Eraine/Ginger/Jewel
Colour: Black/Ginger/Calico
Training: Yes (Basic commands)
Sterilised: Yes
Breed: Local Breed
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Microchipped: No
Medical history: They are litter-trained, not toilet-trained. No known medical history, all three cats are sterilized.
Personality: Eraine (13 years old): Likes to be alone, domestic, and fierce but loves being pet.
Ginger (around 9 years old): Timid but very clingy to the owner, loves eating snacks and always rushes to eat first. Always the first one at the food area.
Jewel (around 8 years old): Likes to sneak into the refrigerator top to get some warmth, always comes quickly whenever called, loves sitting on the owner’s lap.
Contact: Joey, 8448 6037, [email protected]

Gender: Female
Breed: Eraine & Jewel: Local / Ginger: Domestic Medium Hair
Colour: Eraine: Black, Jewel: Calico, Ginger: Ginger
Age: Eraine: 13, Ginger: 9, Jewel: 8