Date: 21 Apr 2024
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Dangy
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown Black
Breed: Singapore Special
Age: 2 years old
Training: Basic obedience-trained, toilet-trained, basic commands
Microchip: No
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: No medical history, checked and declared healthy
– Loves to eat boiled chicken and dried salmon for treats, kibble for regular meals, drinks plenty of water
– Commands he knows are Sit & Down, Stay
– Reactive dog, slip leash needed for easier control and training
– Loyal, alert, protective
– He will do his business in the toilet, please place him near the toilet, if not he can do his business in the park as well
Contact: Ivan See, 93392838, [email protected]

More on Dangy:
Dangy’s journey began as a playful stray in Danga Bay, JB, where he forged bonds with shoppers and security guards who kindly fed him. Initially taken in by a couple, his exuberant play-biting behavior led to him being found roaming the streets once more. Determined to provide him with a better life, we embarked on the legal process of importing him to Singapore, ensuring he received all necessary vaccinations, serology tests, and neutering.

During this transition, Dangy found temporary refuge in an animal shelter. However, the structured environment proved challenging for him, and he was unfortunately unable to adjust, leading to his eviction. This pattern repeated with various boarders, as his lack of training and lingering stray tendencies posed obstacles.

Fortunately, Dangy found hope and guidance at Bethel Dog Training, where he diligently learned essential commands such as walking on a leash, sitting, lying down, and staying put. Despite this progress, there remains much work to be done, particularly in addressing his reactive nature, which manifests as distrust towards strangers. Nevertheless, once he establishes trust, Dangy reveals his capacity for love and compassion.

To manage his reactivity, we’ve been actively training him at dog runs, where he sometimes reacts impulsively to passersby, joggers, and cyclists. However, a recent setback occurred when he began free-roaming indoors and was mishandled by family members, resulting in unfortunate incidents of biting. Regrettably, this necessitates his immediate relocation, with no possibility of returning.

In summary, Dangy is a dog on a journey, with a past marked by resilience and a future full of potential.

Gender: Male
Breed: Singapore Special
Colour: Brown Black
Age: 2 years old