Name: Bearbear
Gender: Female
Breed: Syrian
Colour: Black
Age: 1.5 months (as of May 2023)

Bearbear says:
As I am one of the largest breeds of hamsters, I would require ample space to run and play. Please refer to the requirements below for large breed hamsters like myself, you may reach out to my fosterer should you have more questions about me!

– minimally 90cm barless cage
– 27cm wheel
– unscented sand
– safe paper bedding
– high quality seedmix
– multiple hideouts

Hamsters are solitary animals. Thus, it is necessary for each hamster to be housed separately and have a cage of their own.

For a starter kit on hamster care, visit:
It contains useful, bite-sized (pun totally intended) information on recommended cage and wheel sizes, bedding, food mix, bathing sand, and ideas for enrichment.

🐾 Bearbear is currently under fostering. If interested, please kindly email [email protected].