Name: Asahi
Sex: Male, Sterilised
Breed: Singapore Special
Age: 1year 8months (as of Sep 2023)

HDB Approved (Under ADORE)

🐾 Note: I am still with AVS and not at SPCA.

Asahi says:

I often turn heads due to my handsome looks! As a good communicator, my habit of circling and announcing when I am about to poop is especially useful in knowing when I need to potty. I am intelligent and can pick up new behaviours quickly during training. I also enjoy walks and the company of familiar handlers. Given the chance, I can become an ideal companion of a family! I will do well in a dedicated household that is willing to continue with my rewards-based behaviour modification work.

I love playing with soft toys and food enrichment puzzles, but may become overprotective over my valued resources. I am still learning to be comfortable with sharing my favourite items, but am otherwise friendly with other dogs and warm up to unfamiliar people fairly easily. I am also currently learning to be more confident in exploring new environments, especially enclosed spaces such as buildings, vehicles and lifts. I enjoy the freedom of running about in open spaces with dogs and people I am familiar with.

🐾 Interested to meet me? Drop an email to [email protected] today!