Date: 10 Aug 2023

Animal Type: Cat

Animal Name: Ami

Gender: Female

Colour: Tabby Brown

Breed: Long-haired cat

Age: 4 years old

Training: Nil

Microchip: Yes

Sterilisation: Yes

Medical History: Nil

Personality: I’m an amiable and gentle cat, loves to snuggle and cosy up next to you, and would love A LOT of attention! I mean A LOT! However, I doesn’t like to be carried – so just pat, stroke, and manja2 is what I want from you. I am very easy to handle – I can be fed medicine, bring to the vet, and bathe quite easily. Trust my foster pawrents when they say I has so much love to give and is the dream cat of every cat owner.
I only keen only to eat dry food and kibbles and does not fancy wet or raw food. I also likes wet and dry treats and drinks a good amount of water daily, so please ensure I have clean water access daily. I am best suited in a home as the only cat or is ok with another calm resident cat. However, I will require some time to be integrated with another cat, so patient and experienced adopters ONLY will be considered.
It took a whole month to get the courage and be comfortable to hang out with my foster siblings. Now, I love to hang out with them and really enjoy our playtime together every morning!
Do reach out to my foster pawrent via and connect to us if you are keen to meet me!

Contact: Salwati Samzaman, [email protected], 98177570

Gender: Female
Breed: Tabby
Colour: Tabby brown
Age: 4 years old