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World Animal Day 2018

Date: 6 and 7 October 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 11am to 5pm
Venue: SPCA - 50 Sungei Tengah Road (How do I get to SPCA? / How do I get to SPCA with my pet?)

World Animal Day is an annual celebration of the important role that animals play in our lives. It is celebrated internationally on 4 October but this year, we will be celebrating the event on the weekend of 6 and 7 October (Saturday and Sunday). As animals are increasingly becoming an integral part of our society, we would like to put this year’s focus on Responsible Pet Ownership.

Whether you are keen to adopt, want to do your part to help the animals, here with your furry friend, or to join in the celebrations, there is something for you! 




----- ADOPT, DON’T BUY -----

Keen to adopt an animal? Having an animal as a pet is a huge commitment and should not be taken lightly as the welfare of the animal lies in your hands. To begin your journey as a responsible pet owner, you have to be prepared for what you are about to commit to, and the lifetime responsibilities that come with having a pet.


Our Animal Ambassadors are ever ready to enlighten you on the responsibilities of owning a pet, and the requirements various animals have. By educating yourself, you become aware of what you are need to do before taking an animal on as a pet, and being a responsible pet owner. We aim to spread more awareness about animal welfare and lower the number of animals which are neglected or abandoned every day.


World Animal Day will be a great opportunity for you to meet and interact with our shelter animals, and it is also a chance for them to find their forever homes. If you are a potential adopter, our Adoption Counsellors will be glad to assist you in meeting The Pawfect One for you and your family.


----- HOW YOU CAN HELP-----

Besides adoption, there are other ways you can help us care for these animals. Here are some ways in which you can help:


On top of rescuing animals which are sick or injured, we constantly have kittens and puppies brought to us. The shelter is not an ideal environment for these animals to recover and grow. Hence, we are constantly on the lookout for potential fosterers who are willing to open their doors (and hearts) for these animals to recuperate in a home environment. The fosterers care for these animals for a short period of time until they are healthy and ready to be put up for adoption. Our fosterers will be more than happy to share their stories to encourage more to come on board as a part of our fostering programme.


Look forward to a variety of SPCA merchandise which will be for sale too! From plushies to trinkets such as bookmarks and keychains, there is something for everyone (even the animals). All proceeds from sale of SPCA merchandise will go directly towards helping our shelter animals, so your support is truly appreciated. You may take a look at our merchandise on our online store.

We will be launching our SPCA 2019 calendar, which will be exclusively sold at our event. 



Did you know that SPCA is not funded by the government and that we require around $2.4 million to run the shelter every year? We have managed to come this far thanks to kind individuals like yourself who choose to donate to the SPCA. As a result, we are able to help the animals. To be able to do more for the animals, we sincerely request for you to become a GIRO donor so we can continue to do so. Moreover, individuals that sign up as GIRO donors on World Animal Day will get attractive goodie bags!


We are pleased to work with Future Commerce this year to introduce the PetCa mobile application to you. It will be launched in conjunction with World Animal Day 2018, and there will be an in-app donation option available for users. Enjoy $5 off for every purchase of $25, and $10 off for every purchase of $50. Definitely a win-win situation we say!

Download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store





We will be holding the Pet Food Donation Drive, specially run by KC & Watson – our main animal food supplier. For every pound of food that you purchase for the animals in our shelter, KC & Watson will generously match it with another pound to donate.

On top of that, KC & Watson is pledging $1.00 to us for every photo that is taken at our event, and subsequently liked and shared on their Facebook page. We look forward to your utmost support for this donation drive!


We are delighted that Pawmeal will be joining us this year to sell pet food and more! If you have a pet dog, be sure to drop by this booth for you will be amazed at the varieties offered. The food is even customisable to suit your dog’s liking. As food is sold frozen to ensure freshness, simply thaw it before giving it to your dog!

*Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA. 


Love jazzing the look of your fur babies up? Ruffco offers a selection of collars and bandanas which are made of good quality material designed with the hot weather in mind, so your fur babies can wear them comfortably. There are designs for dogs to rabbits and stocks are limited in range and size, so grab them before they are sold out!

*Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA. 


If you envision building a comfortable wonderland at home for your pet, Moggies and Beagles is your go-to. As experts at customising furniture for cats and dogs, chat with them to find out more about what you would like to build at home for your pets and they would be happy to work their magic!

*Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.


Wanna get your pet rabbit or guinea pig looking clean and dashing? You can either send an email to to register for a grooming session or walk in with your pet rabbit or guinea pig on World Animal Day. The grooming sessions will be conducted by Angie's Pets group.

*Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA. 



Besides our furry friends, we have a myriad of activities lined up for our human friends too!

From 1pm onwards, we have an eventful stage show with a range of performances by amazing artists. There will be a band performance, singing, guitar and violin performances, and the much-anticipated guest performance by local singer-songwriter Joie Tan!

That is not all – here are some other activities both children and adults will love: 

  • SALE OF ANIMAL-SHAPED SOAPS (*Part of the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.)
    • Love adorable animal figurines but not sure what to do with them? Here is a more sustainable option for you! These handcrafted animal-shaped soap bars will be sure to brighten your day when you use them to wash up.
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON RIDES (*All the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.)
    • Enjoy a scenic “country-side” ride around SPCA and vicinity on the backseat of a Harley-Davidson bike for a cool $10 per ride, per person. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have been longing for a ride on Harley-Davidson or just want to feel the “country-side” wind in their hair…
    • Do note that this booth will only be available on 7 October (Sunday).
  • SALE OF HANDMADE ITEMS (*All the proceeds from this booth will go to SPCA.)
    • If you are keen to support local handicrafts, we have handmade jewellery made by one of our talented volunteers. There is limited stock available so be sure to visit this booth earlier in the day to view the available designs.


----- LOGISTICS -----


As we have limited parking space at SPCA, you may be requested to park your vehicles at Chengtai Nursery which is just opposite the SPCA. Chengtai Nursery has kindly offered part of their car park to SPCA visitors on World Animal Day. Our volunteers stationed at Chengtai Nursery will guide you to the allotted parking space. 


World Animal Day 2018 is a rain or shine event. Most areas will be covered by tentage so as to ensure both humans and animals stay comfortable in hot or wet weather. 


In collaboration with PetMate, visitors can enjoy a 15%-off with the promo code "SPCAWAD". Visitors are able to make the booking 2 weeks in advance to ensure a safe ride for your and your furry friends to our event!

*While your pets are welcomed, do note that they will not be allowed into the adoption area where the animals are awaiting adoption. We seek your kind cooperation.



We have a great line up of stage performances just for you! We have local artist Joie Tan and Jako & Ruby from the Singapore Char Siew Bao, so don't miss them! 

*Stage show performances will only be available from 1:30pm till 3:45pm on Saturday and from 1pm till 3:45pm on Sunday. 

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and rally your family and friends for Singapore’s very own World Animal Day 2018 celebrations, only at SPCA Singapore!