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If you are a member of the public experiencing some issues with community cats in your neighbourhood, here are some suggestions on what do to:

            For those living in HDB flats/condominium apartments:

  • Try to determine if anyone is feeding the community animals. If so, it would be best to speak with these caregivers. Many responsible caregivers will be happy to help resolve any issues you may have with the cats. Some of them may not be aware of how to responsibly care for the animals, which involves sterilising them, feeding them away from areas of high human traffic such as lift landings, car parks and void decks, and making sure that all leftover food and containers are cleared away. Print our brochure on Responsible Feeding or contact us at 6287 5355 during office hours for these brochures to hand out to caregivers.

  • If there are no caregivers in the area, consider getting the animals sterilised. You can call the SPCA at 6287 5355 during office hours to arrange for free sterilisation slots. Once the animals are sterilised, they will not reproduce, will be less noisy, much less likely to fight and cause a disturbance.

  • Ensure that all food is disposed of properly to keep animals from being lured into the area.

    For those living in landed property:

  • Plug up holes in fences and drains to prevent animals from easily entering into your compound.

  • Keep the windows closed when you are out.

  • If there are animals defecating in your garden or in your flower pots, placing small pebbles or satay sticks in those places may help. Place them especially in areas where the cats have already defecated as cats will be drawn back to the same spot because of the scent. Daiso also sells mats called "Don't Cat" for $2 each. These can be placed in areas of the garden or compound where you do not wish the cats to defecate.

  • Use sonic devices to repel cats from your property safely. One such device is, which can be bought from online store Amazon.

  • For vehicle owners: Use car covers or sonic devices to repel cats safely. One such device is which can be bought from online store Amazon. Contact the SPCA at 6287 5355 during office hours for other possible solutions and advice.