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What To Do  
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What to do if your pet goes missing

1. Call the SPCA at 6287 5355. Please report your missing pet to us as soon as possible. We’ll advertise it in the 'Found' section of the Straits Times Classifieds for two days and on our website for five days. See link.

You should also advertise in the 'Lost'  column of the Straits Times. The number to call is 1800 289 9988.

2. Call the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority at 1800 476 1600. They might have picked up your missing pet.

3. Check the 'Found' column of the Straits Times Classifieds. Someone might have found your pet and advertised it.

4. Prepare a flyer/notice about your lost pet. Include a full description of your pet – name, breed, sex, size, colour and any distinguishing characteristics. It’s useful to put a photo of your pet on the notice. Don’t forget to include your contact number.

5. Small dogs and cats can hide or get stuck in the most unlikely places. Search your home and garden thoroughly. Look behind the fridge, in the washing machine, laundry basket, drawers, wardrobes etc. We’ve heard of a cat hiding inside a hole in the mattress. If you have a garden, don’t forget to look inside drainpipes, under empty flowerpots and up trees and rooftops. Some cats like to sleep under cars or scramble into the space between the top of the tyre and the engine.

6. Search and search again, especially in the late evening. Lost pets will be frightened and may hide during the day. Bring a torchlight to look into dark corners or drains. Take a box of your pet’s favourite food and shake it as you call out its name. If your pet has a squeaky toy, bring it along too.

7. Enlist the help of as many people as possible – friends, neighbours, family and give them copies of your lost pet notice. Street cleaners, security guards and children might have seen your pet; so stop to talk to them.

8.You can also contact the following Lost and Found Service for help in looking for your pet. 

9. If you find your pet, please take down the notices you had put up, thank everyone who helped, and most importantly, try to prevent it from happening again!

- Ensure that windows, gates, fences and doors are securely fastened, with no gaps or holes that your pet can squeeze out of.

- Keep your dog leashed when out in public. Just because your dog has never run away doesn't mean he won't do it the next time he catches sight of a squirrel or sniffs something exciting. Make sure collars and leashes are in good condition and fit correctly. Many dogs go missing because of flimsy or old collars and leashes.

- Never let your cat or dog wander outside the home without supervision. To prevent complaints and the chances of it getting lost, please keep it strictly indoors. Many cats get lost because they are allowed to roam.

- Identification tags are inexpensive and can be bought at most pet shops. Your phone number and/or address is written or engraved on the tag. Lost dogs with up-to-date licenses and ID tags attached to their collars have much better chances of being reunited with their owners.

- Ask your vet about microchipping your pet. Ensure microchip is registered with the AVA and SPCA. A tiny chip with a special number is inserted under your pet’s skin. The SPCA and AVA scan incoming animals and if your lost pet has a microchip, we can get in touch with you right away.

- Sterilise your pet. Animals that are sterilised are less likely to wander. And another advantage – sterilised pets are healthier, happier and won’t add to the exploding number of unwanted animals in Singapore.