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Case Highlight
Fishes given as gifts

We received a call from a concerned parent about a kindergarten giving out fishes to their children for Children’s day as a gift. Their concern is that the children would not know how to take care of the fishes and the fishes will die. We visited the school and spoke to the principal. Apparently the principal did not think of the consequences of giving the fishes away. She mentioned that they have a lot of fishes and do not know what to do with them. So they decided to give them away to the children as a gift. She was very apologetic and apologise for her carelessness. They have already sent out and apology email to all the parents and have resolved the matter.

Dog left in the car

We were alerted by a caller who spotted a dog that was left in a car with the windows rolled up, for more than 30 minutes at a carpark during the late morning. The caller sent in several photos, which included the licence plate number of the car, and we immediately reported the matter to AVA. They advised the owner about the matter and also on responsible pet ownership.

Cat found with painted face

We were notified by a caller about a cat whose face had been painted. The caller had brought the cat to the vet which was brought  back to SPCA thereafter. With the help of the caller, we managed to speak to the owners, but it turned out that they were not the owners. As the cat went to their shop regularly, they fed the cat whenever they saw him. We had a few leads as to who the culprit was, but unfortunately it did not result in further information. The cat has since been rehomed.

Kitten found in a sealed up box

A kitten was found abandoned in a sealed up box in the riser of the Multi Storey Car Park, and we were only alerted on this case the following day by the neighbour of the man who opened up the sealed box to release the kitten. After visiting the location, we found out that there was no CCTV in that area. The kitten was found on the 4th floor of the multi storey car park. To help with our investigation, we put up appeal posters in and around the area. AVA was also alerted on this matter and the investigation is still ongoing. The kitten has been adopted by the neighbour.

Dog scalded with boiling water

Prince was rescued after we received a complaint about a dog that was scalded with boiling water. When Prince first arrived at the SPCA, he was apprehensive of anyone going near him. However, after some TLC from staff and after going through some rehabilitation work, Prince has improved by leaps and bounds since we first met him. After a long haul, Prince was adopted by a lovely family. 

Dog dangled from leash

A man was filmed swinging and dangling his dog, a Japanese Spitz, by its collar and leash for not having followed instructions. To ensure the safety of the dog, we removed the dog from the man’s home with the help of the police and brought the dog back to the SPCA. The dog was checked by our vet and did not appear to suffer any noticeable physical injuries. The case has been referred to the AVA and investigations are currently ongoing.

Cats confined in small cage

These three cats and four kittens were being kept within an extremely small cage outside a HDB unit at Toa Payoh. SPCA took all the seven cats into custody including the four kittens and their mother, who were thereafter cared for by one of our kind foster families. The other two cats have both since then been rehomed to new families and were named Halo and Polo. Do not cage up your cats as they are active animals who need exercise and mental stimulation. This is not just for their physical health but also their mental health. What you can do instead is wire mesh your windows and doors so that your cats are kept safely indoors.

Dogs confined on balcony

When we were notified about this case and arrived at the scene, the Husky and Golden Retriever pictured above hardly had space to move. They were tied to the balcony, surrounded by faeces. The space was too small for two dogs to move around, and the short leashes used to tie them up were seriously restricting their freedom. The dogs were also exposed to the weather. The conditions were grossly unhygienic, and their health seriously compromised. The Husky also had a choker chain around his neck, which could choke the dog while he is playing with the other dog. We advised the owner, and stressed the importance of providing freedom of movement for the animals. Dogs who are constantly confined or tied up on a daily basis not only face physical restrictions, but can develop psychological problems as well.

Physical abuse

The owner of the beagle in the picture decided on the harshest way to stop his dog from barking or destroying things. The dog's snout and paws were taped together for long periods of time to keep him quiet, resulting in abrasions and sores on his legs. Although we referred this case to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) for further action, the owner got off lightly with a compound fine. The beagle was eventually given up by his owner at our shelter and he recovered well under our care. He has since been adopted by a loving family and is now named Bailey.


We received a report from a pet owner about his 29 fish, all found dead in one of his tanks. He had earlier left the house with his son. When he returned about 15 minutes later, he found his fish dead and reported the case to us. We advised the owner to make a police report and our inspectors went immediately to the scene. When we arrived, the police were there and had gathered the necessary evidence. In early June, the man’s domestic helper was charged in court and found guilty of poisoning the fish. She was fined $7,000. As she was unable to pay the fine, she was jailed for a month and repatriated after the jail term.

Dogs left in cars

We received several reports regarding dogs left unattended in vehicles. Where possible, we go down to the scene and advise the owners about what should be done if they need to run an errand while with an animal. Owners should bear in mind the build up of heat (made worse by the heat and humidity in Singapore) and the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning when in a car, especially because animals have bodies that are much smaller than ours. Read more about this issue here.

37 hamsters abandoned

These hamsters were found abandoned at a void deck, and were brought to our shelter by a passer-by. There were two lactating mother hamsters amongst the 37 hamsters, and it was clear that the owner had failed to separate his hamsters and allowed them to breed beyond control. Hamsters are prolific breeders and should not be kept together in a cage. They fare better when housed alone in individual cages.

71 hamsters abandoned

These hamsters were found abandoned in a box at another void deck. We see too many of such cases and cannot stress the importance of keeping hamsters separate in individual cages. Often, owners are overwhelmed by the sheer number of hamsters when they fail to keep their hamsters separate, and find themselves struggling to care for so many.

Ragdoll cat

This ragdoll cat was found abandoned and was subsequently brought in to our shelter. The cat suffered from chronic skin problem that was left untreated. Often, we come across such cases where owners decide not to bring their pets to the vet although their pets require medical attention. Such cases of neglect are a form of cruelty and severely compromises the animal's health and well-being. Why keep a pet if you're not willing to bring it to the vet when it falls ill?

Abandoned rabbit

This rabbit was found abandoned at an open field in Bedok Reservoir Road. Two school girls spotted the rabbit in his cage, totally drenched in the rain and his own waste. There were hundreds of maggots crawling all over him, with some maggots burrowing into his flesh. The rabbit suffered from severe infection and had to be euthanased.

Exhibitions displaying live animals

A while back, we inspected these two exhibitions at Suntec City Mall and Harbourfront Centre and found the rabbits' housing conditions to be unacceptable. Some of the rabbits were kept in very small cages, all with wired flooring. The rabbits were clearly stressed as they were constantly touched by members of the public. Although there were signs advising the public not to touch the animals, no staff enforced this. We received several complaints regarding this and are grateful to concerned members of the public who provided feedback. We voiced our strong objection to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) regarding the set up of such exhibitions.

We also wrote to the AVA to request that they put a stop to the planned rabbit races and dress up contests organised by Pets Village. Rabbits are timid animals and easily suffer from shock or stress. Such promotions take place at the cost of the animals' well-being and should be stopped before the animals suffer unnecessarily. Click here for the article in Stomp about the dressing up of rabbits.