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What Students Did  
Bukit Merah Secondary School

Thirty Secondary Two students from Bukit Merah Secondary School decided to organise a fundraising event in their school to raise awareness and help the animals in need at the SPCA. This was an awesome learning experience for the students and a great help to the animals at the shelter. The students, together with their form teacher, were so savvy, that they scouted for sponsors for food items to sell. Three sponsors kindly agreed to provide food and drinks for this wonderful fundraising event. Items such as buns, drinks and chilled bean curd were sold during recess and lunch breaks. The staff and other students of the school were very supportive of this cause and a total of more than $500 was raised. It was indeed a rewarding experience for the students and all their hard work paid off when the event turned out so well.

Thank you to the wonderful students of Bukit Merah Secondary School and their supportive form teachers, Ms Amanda Leong and Mdm Irdtiani, for all of their generous help and support.