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What Students Did  
Anderson Secondary School

In 2013, a class of Secondary 3 students from Anderson Secondary School embarked on a Service Learning Project aimed at raising funds for the SPCA. 

Being animal lovers, the students hoped that they could do their bit for abandoned or abused animals by raising funds for the SPCA. For every dollar donated, the class pledged to skip once with their skipping ropes. Through their creative $1-to-1 skip fund raising effort that ran for 2 weeks, the students managed to garner a total sum of $1000, with heart and sweat from their school mates in support for this good cause!

The $1000 that was raised will help us continue our services for the welfare of animals, which include (i) a sterilization voucher programme for stray animals; (ii) a clinic for the basic treatment of stray animals; (iii) an adoption programme; (iv) the operating of an animal shelter; as well as (v) a 24-hour emergency service for animals. This culture of caring for the community (which includes animals who live amongst us) coincides with one of the school's values: Caring in Action. With the strong support given by the school, Andersonians hope to continue promoting kindness and preventing cruelty towards animals.