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What Students Did  
Si Ling Secondary School

Raising Funds for SPCA @ Si Ling Secondary School

In 2011, the enthusiastic secondary three cohort in Si Ling Secondary School embarked on a community involvement project that was centered on helping our furry animals. Their project was aimed at raising funds for the SPCA, as well as raising awareness among fellow Silians on animal abuse cases and responsible pet ownership. Together with their supportive Community Involvement Project Coordinator, Ms Diyana, they planned various activities during this SPCA week in school.

They invited a guest speaker from the SPCA to give a talk to the entire school. Other activities carried out in conjunction with the SPCA week were the collection of newspapers to raise funds, setting up of an SPCA booth with animal dedication boards where students posted their messages to the animals, and making of animal bookmarks that were sold to their friends. The secondary three class which raised the most amount of money through the selling of bookmarks was rewarded with a visit to the SPCA. On the whole, the students put in a lot of effort and love into their service, and they managed to raise over a thousand dollars for our furry animals. Kudos to them!