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What Students Did  
Creating Awareness at Family Service and Childcare Centres

We often receive numerous requests from tertiary students who want to help the SPCA as part of their community service. We are extremely grateful for the tremendous support. Unfortunately, due to our small premises, there is only so much that the SPCA can accommodate by way of students volunteering at the SPCA.

Having said that, there is an area where we always need help in - reaching out to the family service and childcare centres. The best way to do this is by helping us create awareness about animals and the SPCA. Very often, animals are abandoned and abused because of the lack of awareness and knowledge about their welfare. The SPCA will acknowledge the hours as CIP hours. You may wish to approach a FSC (Family Service Centre) or childcare centre and propose a one-hour education and fun session which could comprise of some or all of the following ideas:

1) Give a presentation/skit about the care of animals and the work of the SPCA.

2) Teach the children the song "Love Your Pet" that sings to the tune of "Row, Row Your Boat".

3) Excite the kids with easy-to-follow origami cat and dog folding. The students can then pen their wishes for the animals on these papers and bring them home as little mementos.

4) Engage the students in a mini quiz about what they have learnt after the session.

5) Wrap up the session with colouring sheets of paper with cute animals and simple animal welfare messages.

6) We can also provide you with soft copies of attractive animal posters to print and decorate the centre with before the awareness event.

The SPCA would be glad to provide you with the PowerPoint Presentation, lyrics, step-by-step instruction for the origami folding, mini badges (as prizes) and soft copies of colouring sheets that you could print out.

You can look for your nearest FSC here: