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What Students Did  
Birthday girl Kayla

Kayla, who will be celebrating her 5th birthday with a party this year, wanted to use the money that would be spent on goodie bags for her friends, to do some good instead. So, with her wonderful and generous heart, she chose the animals at the SPCA to donate this money to. On behalf of all those who will be invited to her birthday celebration, she donated a total of $150 and in a note wished them with a lovely poem on behalf of the animals.

Thanks for your friendship
And growing up with me
I know you must be wondering,
"Why aren't there goodies for me?"

 Heard about the SPCA?
No, it’s not a place to play
It’s where unwanted animals are cared for
I mean pet cats, dogs, bunnies and more

 So I made a donation for you
With that goodie bag money – Woo Hoo!
Now them kitties & doggies are happier
Can’t wait to invite you to my birthday next year  

We would like to sincerely thank Kayla and her family for their kindness and wonderful generosity for thinking of our animals.