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What Students Did  
Hillgrove Secondary School

Class 4-7 from Hillgrove Secondary School decided to raise funds for a cause they believed in, which was the welfare of animals. They decided to help the SPCA by setting up two booths in the canteen which were to run on two afternoons (9 and 10 March 2015) and the response was very encouraging. Hillgrove staff and students supported the cause tremendously by purchasing SPCA merchandise such as stationery, and the snacks and ice popsicles reminiscent of childhood times were a hit for both students and teachers. It was great fun to see patrons enjoying themselves with the animal props at the photo booth station too. The class also actively gave out brochures on what society can do for the animals and to be better pet owners.

According to the students, the best part of the VIA project was to visit SPCA to give the funds they had raised as a school; a total of $805.80! Despite obstacles faced such as time constraints and the exhaustion they felt after long school hours, 4-7 worked extra hard because they were championing a meaningful cause. It has been a great bonding effort for the whole class too.

Well done, Hillgrove Secondary!