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What is a microchip?

A microchip is an electronic device that transmits information when it is scanned by a microchip reader. It is a permanent method to identify an animal.

About the size of a rice grain, the microchip is implanted by injecting it under the skin of the neck of the animal. If done correctly, the implant is quick, safe and relatively painless.

A microchip usually lasts the lifetime of a pet.

You may register your pet with AVS via this link:

  1. For Singpass Users, login via your Singpass account. For non-Singpass users, create a new account via the “New account? Click here” link.
  2. Follow the steps given for account creation, until you arrive at the ‘Welcome’ page
  3. Click on the link “Microchip Submission (For Individual)” under “Microchip/Tag Data Submission” menu, as circled in red above
  4. Select the “Animal Type”
  5. Proceed to fill in the necessary information and submit. 

If you require any assistance, kindly contact them at