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Why should I sterilise my pet?

Pet ownership in Singapore is more popular than ever, but every month, the SPCA receives more than 600 unwanted animals. Tragically, many of them have to be put down because it is impossible to find homes for all these animals. Unfortunately, the SPCA does not have the space or the money to shelter so many animals.

So what can you do to help reduce the number of unwanted animals? It's simple. Sterilise your pet and encourage other pet owners to do the same. Sterilisation has other benefits:

  • Unsterilised cats and dogs often suffer from cancer of the reproductive organs, testicular tumours, prostate tumours, ovarian tumours, mammory tumours and chronic uterine infections such as pyometra and metritis. Sterilised animals have reduced chances of getting these ailments.
  • Sexual frustration can drive a normally contented cat or dog berserk, and the urge to roam in search of a mate starts a chain of other problems - such as fighting with other animals, getting hit by cars or catching contagious diseases. Frustration does not help your pet's mental health either.
  • Sterilised pets are quieter and have fewer behavioural problems such as urinating or spraying on carpets and furniture.

You may look up Singapore Veterinary Association's website to find the vet clinic nearest your home to make an appointment.