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What is the procedure to surrender an animal? Is there a fee involved?

For owned pets to be surrendered, it is best to call the SPCA first at 62875355 ext 6 to check if there is space to accept the animal as, if the shelter is full, you may be turned away.

If you are allowed to bring your pet in, you will be asked to fill in a surrender questionnaire for us to understand the needs of your pet better. The SPCA may, at times, advise you not to surrender your pet or offer you other options to pursue. Should you go ahead with the surrender, you will be asked to fill in a surrender form and pay the appropriate surrender fee between $40 - $100, depending on the breed and adoptability of the dog. Surrender fees for owned cats and smaller mammals range from $5 to $20.

Owners will not be informed of the outcome of whether the animal was selected for adoption. Transportation can be arranged for the pick up of surrendered animals, if and only if, the animal in question has been accepted by the SPCA and that our premises are not at overcapacity (additional charges apply).

For injured/sick stray animals and lost animals, you will not be required to fill in any surrender questionnaire. You will still have to fill in a surrender form, but there is no fee involved. No outcome will be provided. For requests for the SPCA to provide transportation to pick up these animals, please call our hotline 62875355 ext 9.

Please note that generally the SPCA does not accept healthy community animals (strays) or ear-tipped community cats for surrender.