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What do you do with the rescued animals?

As with all surrendered animals (with the exception of those animals that are claimed back by owners/finders or referred elsewhere for necessary treatment and care), rescued animals will go through a selection process based on health and temperament.

If the animal is able to meet all these criteria, it will be placed under a 10-day quarantine period and have all the necessary medical procedures done – sterilisation, vaccination, de-worming, microchipping and licencing (for dogs) before being put up for adoption.

Rescued animals deemed to be lost will be advertised in the Classifieds and will be subjected to the same criteria if they are not claimed after 3 days. Unfortunately, animals that are not selected for adoption are humanely euthanased.

Wild animals and birds that are rescued are usually sent to other organisations like the Singapore Zoo or the Jurong Bird Park that have better facilities to provide for these animals.