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Can I call SPCA to help me remove the community animal in my neighbourhood?
It is not the role of the SPCA to round up healthy animals that may be able to survive on the streets (i.e. the animals have a regular food source and look reasonably healthy).

If the SPCA were to spend time catching animals on the move, we would be unable to attend to the injured animals that require immediate help. This is why we ask the public to confine any community animals, commonly known as strays (that are unable to fend for themselves) first, if they request for them to be picked up. Preferably, they can then bring the animal to the SPCA.

The SPCA is unable to pick up confined community animals on demand all over Singapore. Our vans go to designated areas on appointed days. On weekends, if a person is unable to bring in the animal to the SPCA, they may be referred to a private transport service that can pick up the animal.

To learn how to deal with community animals, please refer to "Dealing With Community Animals".