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Help! The stray animals are causing a nuisance. Can you please do something about it?

SPCA receives enquiries from the public to pick up strays and given our limited resources, our priority is to rescue injured and abandoned animals. We will collect any animal that is hurt or rescue any that is in distress, but we do not have the additional resources to clear healthy, stray animals away for members of the public.

Removing a community animal from its original location only causes a vacuum.
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This is the reason why; we strongly recommend sterilisation to help these animals and to help control their numbers without going to the extreme of having to cull them. Sterilising them and then releasing them back to the environment, where they can live out the rest of their lives is our recommendation.

These community animals are a large part of our environment and they are important to us.

To many of these streetwise animals, the only homes that they know of are the streets that they live on. They are not comfortable being confined nor are they comfortable with strangers.  SPCA and other animal welfare groups have tried our best, to rehome them.  However, we face space and resource constraints. Sadly not many people are interested in adopting cross breeds as well. We have many that have been at SPCA for years. Click here for details. 

The SPCA is in view that more tolerance and empathy are needed on the part of the general public, in accepting the community animals many of which, ultimately, are victims of circumstance.

Please have a look at the following links which maybe able to help resolve your issues:

Community Dogs

When encountering a stray dog, many people’s first instinct is fear. 

However, with a little knowledge, you can feel more secure and know what to do. 

Most dogs, big and small, are not aggressive and are likely to be afraid of you.  Very few dogs will actually bite a human, unless it is provoked. 

Do not run, stay calm and slowly walk away from the dog. 

Here are other suggestions: to take note of.

We seek your understanding and tolerance in respect of community animals that share this environment with us. 

A little more empathy will go a long way.